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Into the Waves of Lake Erie

Standing on a Log in Lake Erie

Awake in the Woods

A Frolicsome Day

Salvias, Gently Waving

Springtime Symphony

Emily’s Cup

Come Nimbly to Music’s Call

Copper Tips into Blue

Hanu Rising

Autumn Kissed

T’Yarrow T’Yarrow (there’s always t’yarrow)

Wild Ginger

Grasses and Laces

I Thought It Was A Love Song

Pogonip Spring Pond with Koi

Tumbling Seaweed

Coral and Shell

The Forest Lover

She is Urban Groove

After Midnight


Off World

Entering Peace

The Land is Glistening

Nymph of the Redwoods

The Sea is Listening

So Far Away



The Last Dusting

You Go, I Go

Night Stream

Sweetgum Blues

A Garden Medley

Kiss the Sky, Touch the Earth

Do You Want to Dance?

Beyond the North Wind

From Thin Air

Tinged with Awe

Evening Breeze

Cyan Skyline Mystery

Sunset over Rio Del Mar

Hummingbird Island at Elkhorn Slough

Golden Transparency


Gentle Lady