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Silk Scarves


About my work

I love working with encaustic. The medium is made from bees (wax) and trees (damar resin) so you just know it’s going to smell great, and it’s luminous, natural, sensual quality is hard to match in any other medium. I just love working with the medium, it’s painted on while molten and worked after it’s cooled a bit. Makes quite a dance of alchemy.

I endeavor to create things that reflect nature in some way; a sense of landscape, skyline, seashore, leaves flickering in sunlight or moonlight, the flora and fauna. Imagery that brings a sense of mythology, symbology and a sense of story interest me, as well as movement-since dance was my first love and large part of my life, it tends to show up. Our natural world and gardens provides so much inspiration, I’m constantly in awe of it and look for ways of bringing that energy to my work.

I’ve been excitedly working with Cyanotypes for the past few years, exploring how these beautiful, vivid prints can be used as background for Encaustic paintings, as well as with Cold Wax. And I’ve found absolutely astonishing results on silk; which can be worn or hung as a wall hanging, or table runner. Vivid gorgeous cyan works for every occasion.

I frequently use printed photographs, sketches and monotypes I’ve created on tissue paper and embed them in the wax, as another way of creating story and layers of interest. I love to learn new ideas, techniques and mediums; it all turns around and shows up in the work.

Thank you for perusing my site, come back again as I add pieces as soon as they’re finished. Join my Mailing List if you’d like to know about up and coming shows and exhibits. Be in touch!

Have a wonderful day.

All the Best,